Software Sourcing and Implementation

software sourcing and implementation


  • Sourcing an appropriate vendor based on practice needs and budget
  • Negotiating price and payment terms
  • Project lead for Software Implementation and Staff Training
  • On call availability for any subsequent Troubleshooting and Training

What are the Advantages to having an EMR?

  • A fully functioning EMR system can increase  practice revenues  from $21,600 to $81,500 per physician:
  • Physicians and nurses have more time to spend with patients. With a paper record, healthcare professionals spend as much time performing administrative tasks as caring for patients. Too much valuable time is spent searching for and waiting for information in a paper-based system.
  • Health information is up-to-date. There is no delay as hand-written notes wait to be transcribed. Test results and all of medical history are recorded directly into the EMR.
  • Improved legibility, accuracy and completeness. With an EMR there is less potential for medical errors as well as improved quality and safety in patient care. There is no substitute for having accurate information about a patient’s condition and medical history immediately accessible.
  • Patient Allergies and adverse drug reactions are prominently displayed
  • Reminders are activated when certain health maintenance tests and/or procedures are due
  • Prescriptions can be directly electronically ordered directly to the patient’s  pharmacy
  • EMR permits more than one user to access a patient’s record at the same time. Example: While the nurse documents a patient’s vital signs and reason for visit, the provider can simultaneously review the patient’s chart prior to meeting the patient.
  • EMR are much more secure than a paper record. With an electronic medical record, access is limited to staff who have a legitimate “need to know” for treatment, payment or operations purposes and activity is monitored on a regular basis. All access to the EMR is controlled through individual user passwords. The added benefit of this password access is that staff and providers can have different levels of access to the EMR as determined by their position. For example, receptionists do not have access to patient medical information, whereas nurses and medical assistants do.
  • A fully integrated, fully certified EMR solution means that everyone who has a hand in the success of your practice — physicians, administrators and billing managers — has a handle on the big picture.   Integrating your clinical, financial and administrative functions reduces errors, simplifies business processes, and helps you achieve meaningful use to ultimately improve care delivery
  • Scheduling integrates calendars and makes scheduling easier with acomplete, up–to–the–minute view of schedules for the entire organization.
  • Messaging enables staff to easily track, categorize and manage electronic communication
  • Enhanced ability to meet important regulatory requirements such as Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) through alerts that notify physicians to complete key regulatory data elements, thus avoiding negative payment adjustments.

Available Accounts Receivable modules automate and integrate workflows for all aspects of A/R, including billing, claims processing and applying payments. A more streamlined billing process results in clean claims and increased revenue, which makes everyone happy.

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