Financial Management and Analysis

Financial Management and Analysis

Financial Management and Analysis includes Identifying and Prioritizing Revenue Growth Opportunities; i.e., through greater operational efficiencies, growth through provider recruitment, increasing in-clinic services and/or acquiring new physician practices within target regions.

These are only highlights of a service which can be more comprehensive depending upon client preference and need, and which will have a profound positive impact on profitability, growth and outlook for the medical practice.

  1. Revenue Analysis:  Breakdown of income by provider, procedure, insurer with month to month and year to year comparisons and analysis.
  2. Expense Analysis: Breakdown of expenses by category-from month to month, year to year.  Expense vs Revenue generated.  Vendor price comparisons.  New Vendor Sourcing.
  3. Cash Flow Forecasting: Monthly, 6 month and 1 year based on historical revenue, current billing, current receivables and monthly expenses.

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